Sustainable economic growth through Industry Clusters

Industry Clusters and Associations are designed to foster Innovation, enrich economic growth, facilitate knowledge transfer and provide access to the talent pool

Join an Industry Cluster

Each designed to foster innovation, economic growth, talent and the exchange of knowledge – become an active participant of Dubai Economic Agenda D33.

Cluster Membership

Dubai Economic Agenda (D33) aims to consolidate Dubai’s position among the top 3 cities around the world and double the current size of the economy by 2033. To achieve this vision and facilitate the transition to a resilient and sustainable economy, Dubai Silicon Oasis has formed Future Industry Clusters and invites all members to contribute to the development of our ecosystem. 

By becoming a member of the cluster, you can take advantage of the following opportunities:

•    Access Specialised Talent
•    Exchange Knowledge and Build Business Opportunities
•    Connect with Peers, Partners, Potential Clients and Ecosystem Enablers
•    Contribute to Industry Associations and Research Outputs
•    Participate in industry-led events, forums, masterclasses and networking sessions
•    Join Thought Leadership initiatives and advocate change
•    Automate Sustainability Reporting 

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